Novak Djokovic always looks at opponents' weaknesses, says strategy analyst

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Novak Djokovic always looks at opponents' weaknesses, says strategy analyst

Novak Djokovic's strategy analyst Craig O'Shannessy spoke about his co-operation with the Serbian player. The American said: "Most of the stories are about who won. I write why someone won. I tell the reader what it takes to win a match.

You need to understand that tennis is a game of tactics and percentuals. I study the best players' game. It's about teaching players what strategy they need to win matches. It's very important to bring the opponent out of the comfort zone.

You need to place the ball where he doesn't want you to. Novak is doing very well on it. He exactly knows what to do. But he always adapts and looks at opponents' weaknesses." O'Shannessy believes the amount of shot rallies is not important: "You always think that if you hit more than nine shots in a rally, you usually win the match.

But it's not always like that. The winners in four-shot rallies are much more meaningful. Unforced errors are useless. Canceling them would make the sport better. We give a lot more emphasis to an unforced error and not enough to a forced error, which is for me the most important thing in today's tennis.

We need to make the fan understand why certain things happen on court. Tennis is not old-style when it's about picking statistics but analyzing them. I look at what makes Novak good and I remind him what kind of player he is.

It's about understanding what are his favorite moves from his opponents in specific situations and how not to make him do them. My job is to make things as easy as possible." The coach Billy Heiser said: "I've known Craig for a long time.

I've always liked what he's done. I know he's working with Novak and I just asked if he'd be willing to sit down and go over some things. And he went over some things for one of our other matches and I just asked if he could go over a few things against Ash. I hope it disrupts some things."