Djokovic: 'Our season is long. Olympics appearance depends on Wimbledon'

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Djokovic: 'Our season is long. Olympics appearance depends on Wimbledon'

Novak Djokovic was asked if he will play the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year. "There is a chance. For example, Federer did not play in Rio. Our season is long and we are full of new events. I will have to be healthy, my appearance in Japan will depend on Wimbledon results, the team schedule and my family", said the Belgrade native.

The surface suits my game and the venue is amazing. First of all, I try to be ready for Tokyo Olympics in great shape. Last time I was injured & not in good condition. I'd like to reach the final, go further than Beijing.

I'll fight for the Gold medal. Olympics is always in my heart. It's special to represent my country in historic sport event. The tough loss has special place in my heart on and off the court." On possibly bringing his family with him, Djokovic added: "We are thinking about it with my wife and parents.

If my kids are fine, I'd like to bring them." Djokovic said he visited Kyoto before the start of the tournaments and hanged around downtown and the seaside and visited museum in Tokyo. Djokovic feels loved in Japan: "Today the local people were carrying the Serbian flag.

It's amazing. Serbia is next to my name. Like Davis Cup and Olympics, I am aware of being a representant of my native country in tournaments." Asked how his mindset is when he approaches a final, Djokovic replied: "I imagine of winning a trophy. It's a mental game. I focus inside myself."