Novak Djokovic mentions the young players who can make breakthrough

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Novak Djokovic mentions the young players who can make breakthrough

Novak Djokovic spoke about the contrast between next generation and younger players. The world No. 1 said: "Maybe there are some guys that are probably a bit more consistent than some other guys, let's say. But, yes, there is quite a similar, let's say right now, level of play, of quality of tennis of these guys, but there are some guys that just are probably a bit separated from the group.

Okay, Tsitsipas, you know, that has been already -- still a NextGen, but he's kind of already established top-10 player and maybe not considered anymore as part of that group. But there is Felix and Denis and Hurkacz and guys like this that are playing really well, and on a given day they can really beat anybody.

I'm very pleasantly surprised by the level of consistency of especially Felix and Denis, you know, playing throughout the entire year, staying healthy and playing well and being professional, committed. That's what you want to see.

Those are very good examples." On his shoulder injury, the Serb said: "There are various things or reasons why maybe that happened, but not to get into details, but it wasn't specifically about one shot or something that caused it.

It was just over the time maybe the posture and the shoulder position and so forth. But once we now corrected that, it seems to be fine. But obviously it still needs, I guess, another couple of weeks to really get back 100% of also not being concerned about it, because right now I don't feel pain playing, but, you know, there is still being cautious about it, you know, and still working daily a lot on the preparation and rehab and recovery of the shoulder and strengthening of the shoulder. So there is a lot of hours spent on making sure that I'm able to play."