Novak Djokovic surprised that Andy Murray is playing so many tournaments

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Novak Djokovic surprised that Andy Murray is playing so many tournaments

Novak Djokovic spoke about Andy Murray committing to the 2020 Australian Open. The Serb said: "Well, it's very pleasantly surprised to see him playing now many tournaments in a row without having any health issues.

At least not anything major. He seems to be building his confidence and he's working his way up. Regardless of his ranking currently, he's a great champion and one of the greats of this game. So if he's healthy, you can definitely expect him to play at the highest level very soon.

You know, I wish him that. It's great to see him back. I mean, obviously it was a very emotional Australian Open this year for him and for many tennis fans, but it seemed like it was too early to say good-bye, and it's great to have him back."

On why he competed in Tokyo last week, winning the title, Djokovic added: "I also wanted to play in Japan for many years, and also while I was sponsored by Uniqlo I was invited to play many times but it just didn't happen.

Now it happened this year also prior to the Olympic Games that are happening next year in Tokyo, and the Olympic tournament is going to be played on the same courts. So it was a great opportunity for me to check the conditions out, to understand, you know, the surface itself.

Obviously it's going to be played couple of months in advance, so the weather is going to, you know, a subject that is talked about quite a lot there because of the heat and humidity. But, you know, obviously I had a very positive week in Japan Open, and Olympic Games are definitely one of my favorite competitions.

I get to represent my country and be part of the spectacle that is the, you know, longest-standing sports event in the history of the sport. It is quite special and unique, and hopefully, I'll be able to play. I mean, that's the goal, that's the aim, and we'll see how it goes."