Novak Djokovic: 'My love affair with Shanghai started in 2008'

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Novak Djokovic: 'My love affair with Shanghai started in 2008'

Novak Djokovic loves competing in Shanghai. The Belgrade native said: "It's great to be back again. I love being back in China. I have lots of support here. I have been trying to interact with my fans as much as I can in the last 10-plus years that I have been coming to Shanghai.

So to say, love affair with Shanghai has started in 2008 for me when I won my Masters Cup here, and that was the biggest title at the time that I won aside of the Grand Slam trophy in Australia. Of course they make me feel like at home.

They're very friendly. They do things that I don't think any other fans do it around the world. They wait for you in front of the hotel. They give you presents. They have amazing gestures. They're ready to wait for entire day just to have a photo, to say hello.

It's truly incredible. Very loyal fans. I try to pay them respect and give them back in a way not just through tennis but also through my very basic knowledge of Chinese language and Chinese characters. But I try to upgrade it every year.

Vocabulary is okay. I have couple of phrases that I know which make them happy (smiling)." Cori Gauff spoke about Kim Clijsters coming back on the women's tour: "I find it amazing. I remember I saw her playing at the US Open several times, because when I was younger I often went to Flushing Meadows, I hope to be able to play against her, it would have been a nice experience.

I am sure she will get good results because I met her in tournaments recently and her shots are still good. She won a Grand Slam title after having a daughter and it's up to her to say if she can do it again."