Novak Djokovic: 'I felt pain on my elbow but now it seems fine'

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Novak Djokovic: 'I felt pain on my elbow but now it seems fine'

Novak Djokovic tweaked something in your right elbow on a point during his third round match against John Isner in Shanghai. The Serb said: "Yeah. Yeah, I did feel a little bit of a pain there when I overstretched, but I played doubles now and it seems to be fine."

Asked if he has a call in how to design the Lacoste polos he wars, Djokovic replied: "I do have an input on the match wear that I have, and I'm really glad that Lacoste team designers are willing to allow me to be part of that process.

It's important for me, you know, to, I guess, feel comfortable but also look nice on the court. I don't have an input on the actual polo, you know, the classic one. That's up to them, you know, what they do with it.

I mean, obviously Rene Lacoste was the inventor of the polo. That's probably the most popular item on their list. You know, Lacoste has been historically one of the most important brands in tennis, and it's a tennis brand from a tennis player.

So I'm just honored to be part of the family." On not playing the China Open this year as he chose Tokyo, Djokovic added: "I miss my fans in Beijing, as well, because they are amazing as well as the guys here.

Chinese fans are truly, truly special. I had a lot of fun as well in Japan this year for the first year. I had a successful week and lots of support there. I'm going to try to play Olympic Games in Tokyo. That's for sure.

I mean, if I'm healthy, if I'm fit, if everything is fine, I'll be there for the Olympic Games. I'm not sure what's going to happen afterwards for this week, so I still haven't made a decision whether I'm actually going to play at all. That comes a bit later", he said on his plans for 2020.