Novak Djokovic: 'Every child has a right to believe in their dreams'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Every child has a right to believe in their dreams'

Novak Djokovic spoke about the tough childhood he went through when he was a kid. The Serb said: "I was born in '87 so I was 12 and a half actually when we had those bombings in '99 and to go through the 90s and those early stages of our lives, but we did not know much about politics, about war and everything that was happening during those times and we were too young.

We were going to school and then when the war started we could spend more time playing outdoors and playing tennis and we were spending time together, and I think imagination and myself visualizing and hanging on to this dream has empowered me to go through this kind of go through those moments.

I think from the very beginning I was taught to be very positive, to be a fighter, be determined, to believe in good things, in life, people, I could not do it alone I had to have the support of family, people who just recognized my talent and who wanted to support me and give me opportunities to excel and to prove that I have a potential to achieve my dreams and to live my dreams.

Every child has a right to dream and to believe in their dreams. So that's parallel to that, when we talk about the Foundation and what we stand for and what we really want to achieve, it's exactly that." Djokovic is competing this week at the Rolex Shanghai Masters. The 32-year-old will also compete in Paris, ATP Finals and then Davis Cup in Madrid.