Svitolina on Novak Djokovic recognizing GEMSlife Instagram account

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Svitolina on Novak Djokovic recognizing GEMSlife Instagram account

Elina Svitolina shared why she and Gael Monfils created a joint Instagram account. They have been dating each other for a year now. The Ukrainian said: "That was his (Monfils') original idea. It somehow happened. We try to share informations when it's possible.

Because it happens that we play in several tournaments. It's not that easy but we try to find something for the fans and the people who follow us. I think people are interested at knowing things that are slightly different on the ATP and WTA Tours.

We are trying to make an effort to the crowd. Many people call us GEMSLife, even when we are going somewhere. Novak Djokovic, for example, heads into the gym and says, 'Oh, Gemslife!' Many people know it. For us that's a big surprise that people and players are aware of it."

Svitolina believes that she can benefit from dating a fellow tennis player: "To be honest, it's much easier for me to meet an athlete than a person who is far away from sports. Gael totally understands me, he understands what difficulties I face, he can support me when I need to.

We often play the same tournaments and we travel a lot together. Waiting for your partner when he is around the world is tough. We have a packed schedule, having breaks is rare. But when we manage to find a day off, we go to a romantic city and we spend time alone together.

When we play tournaments in different cities, we sometimes meet for 24 hours like it happened in Paris to go on the streets and eat something nice."