Daniil Medvedev praises Lacoste, mentions partnership with Novak Djokovic

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Daniil Medvedev praises Lacoste, mentions partnership with Novak Djokovic

In an interview to Tass Daniil Medvedev spoke about his co-operation with the French brand Lacoste. The Russian said: "In the world of tennis Lacoste is almost 100 years old and the fact that Novak Djokovic signed a contract with them one year before me says a lot.

And for me the co-operation with them means a lot." Asked if he was depressed and even thought about retiring from tennis, Medvedev replied: "As every tennis player, if you lose consecutive first rounds, you think about things like that.

I had something like that three or four years ago before the Kremlin Cup. I lost seven matches in a row. It was difficult, I did not understand why it was Happening. But I managed to find an escape, totally focusing on tennis. Not at 90 or 95 percent, but at 100."

Asked if he follows fashion, Medvedev replied: "More my wife, to say the truth. I completely trust her. It defines my style. I am more focused about tennis." Asked who are the most stylish players, Medvedev said: "Gael Monfils.

He knows everything about the fashion, no one wears like him. Also Andrey Rublev. Looking at his style, it seems he follows fashion. And the third is Nick Kyrgios." Does he dream to win the singles gold medal at the Olympics? "Of course.

I was also picked for the Olympics. It's something you have been dreaming since your childhood. To be honest, I cannot imagine what kind of emotions I will have. Maybe, like in a normal tournament, or maybe something crazy. I do not know, but my dream is to go there."