Jannik Sinner agrees with Novak Djokovic on one thing

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Jannik Sinner agrees with Novak Djokovic on one thing

In an interview with Daily Mail, at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan on Saturday during the draw ceremony, 18-year-old Italian rising star Jannik Sinner spoke about his passion for skiing and his job, tennis. Sinner is one of the few tennis players who can go skiing, just like Novak Djokovic usually does after the Australian Open in February with his family.

On how his tennis level can benefit from skiing, Sinner said: "They are two very different sports but balance is very important in both of them so I can understand why Novak said it is helping his tennis. Something else is that if you think a bit less in tennis that is a help, and when you are racing it is better you don't think so much either and just do it naturally."

Sinner was skiing and playing tennis at one point in his early childhood: "It's a big skiing area, close to Austria, and so it was natural that I did skiing, everyone does it. I was Italian champion in my age group in 2008 in slalom and I came second in 2012.

I always played a little bit of tennis, maybe twice a week growing up and just enjoyed it. When I was 13 I was spotted playing and met Ricardo Piatti and after that every day became serious practice. I still went to school in my home town and would go down to his academy and back up again. I was studying a bit less than normal kids and I am still studying actually, or at least trying to."