Novak Djokovic sad about Rafael Nadal's abdominal injury

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Novak Djokovic sad about Rafael Nadal's abdominal injury

Novak Djokovic spoke about the race for the No. 1 ranking position involving him and Rafael Nadal. The Serbian player admitted he was not happy that Nadal retired from the Paris Masters semi-finals due to an abdominal issue.

"First of all, I'm sad to see that he's injured because that's not what you want to see, not for Rafa, not for any other athlete", said the Belgrade native. "I know how that feels. Obviously, I went through major injuries in my life as well.

Historically, he's had more than several times injuries at the last part of the season. So I hope he can recover and compete in London. Because with or without him, obviously, also the battle for No. 1 but also the tournament itself is different.

He's a great champion and obviously lots of respect for him. Of course, in terms of points, that puts me in a better position after this week. But, again, I have to keep on winning. There's always a chance that I win all my matches in London, that I play well.

I have done it in the past, and I like playing there. But it's an extremely difficult task considering who my opponents are going to be. You know, you're playing top-10 player every single match. So that's a big task on my end that I have to focus on. And as a consequence, of course, if I manage to get the year-end No. 1, that would be, of course, fantastic."