Novak Djokovic reveals why Paris is a special city for him

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Novak Djokovic reveals why Paris is a special city for him

Novak Djokovic reflected on why Paris is a more special city than other ones for him. The Belgrade native said: "It's one of the cities where I feel well. I have been here for 15 years. I played the French Open at a junior level, then my maiden Major and I played for the first time a match in a Central Court against Guillermo Coria in 2005.

This kind of memories stay with you forever. There is also a very nice Serbian community in Paris. They always come here to encourage me. There is also a real culture of tennis in France, a country that hosts many tournaments. People know the players."

Asked if he thought back in 2018 French Open after that his loss to Marco Cecchinato that he could triumph at the highest level again, Djokovic replied: "To be honest, yes. I imagine it all the time. I visualize myself on a consistent basis doing the greatest things for this sport.

So yes, I believed in myself. In the same time I was not doing well, I did not like the way I came back from an injury. The title that followed in Wimbledon changed everything for me." Djokovic won his 77th career-title equalling Jimmy Connors.

Does he care about the records? "I do not look at all of them, but I keep up with the records I am seeking. It's very motivating to have goals to reach. I want to play tennis for a long time, in order to be able to compete at this level for many years.

I hope to be able to fight for this kind of titles all the time. Being No. 1 and winning Grand Slams are my biggest goals, but I want to win all the time."