Novak Djokovic always wants more, more and more - Coach

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Novak Djokovic always wants more, more and more - Coach

In an interview with We Love Tennis, Novak Djokovic's coach Goran Ivanisevic spoke about his relationship with the Serb's longtime coach Marian Vajda. The Croat said: "I have known Marian for 30 years. He is the nicest and easiest guy to work with.

Just before the first training, I told him about Novak's game, what I was seeing from outside. What makes things easy with Novak is that we have the same mindset, the mindset of Balkan (people). Croatians and Serbs, that's the same thing.

Most of all, and that's very important, it's the same language. If I had to speak in English with him, there would be two issues: loss of time and loss of accuracy with words." Asked what Djokovic is looking for, Ivanisevic replied: "For me, working with someone like him is an honour.

As a coach, it's great. Novak wants to learn all the time, listen carefully, asks questions, wants to go sleep better than when he got up. He always asks for more, more and more. Sometimes you have to stop, Hey, friend, you are the number one, what do you want more? But he knows that, besides him, also the others make progresses every day and knock on the door."

Henri Laaksonen is the leader of Switzerland's Davis Cup team in absence of Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka over the last years. He was supposed to live a new experience, playing the ATP Cup in January and representing Switzerland in Australia.

But since Federer withdrew, they will not compete. "Of course, I am disappointed," Laaksonen told Blick. "But I understand Roger's decision. I spoke with our captain (Severin Luthi) and I know it was not an easy decision for Roger.

At this point in his career, he needs to plan everything carefully. He did so much for tennis and I hope he will keep playing as long as possible." Laaksonen hopes to play the ATP Cup in the next years: "Playing in front of Australian fans is always unbelievable. I would like to go there and represent our country."