Insider reveals the key behind Novak Djokovic's big success

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Insider reveals the key behind Novak Djokovic's big success

The former world No. 4 Greg Rusedski spoke about Novak Djokovic's keys behind his great success. The Brit believes that adding the 2001 Wimbledon winner Goran Ivanisevic as a new coach was a big thing. “He has been protective of Novak", Rusedski said of Ivanisevic.

"But the other thing is he has been dreaming of this job for five years. He desperately made it known in the locker room and made it known in the locker room, especially after he finished with Marin Cilic. I agree with you on the serve but the other thing is transitioning forward and coming towards the net.

You always cover the cross-court. The older you get you have to make the point shorter, you can’t play those long physical rallies every single match. I think it is a genius appointment because of the language, because of the game style as well, teaching him how to transition into the net to save himself as well as adding those dimensions to his game.

You look at Novak and think there is still a little bit of room for improvement. But if he improves that in the offseason watch out, he is going to start winning multiple Slams every season as he has been doing every season”.