Miomir Kecmanovic happy to call Novak Djokovic his friend

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Miomir Kecmanovic happy to call Novak Djokovic his friend

Miomir Kecmanovic spoke about his relationship with Novak Djokovic. The Next Gen Serbian player feels proud for the friendship that connects them. "Novak is somebody that I can call a friend", said Kecmanovic. "We have a lot of good athletes back home and we have this certain mentality that separates us that we want to succeed no matter what in tennis.

We have each other pushing us all the time. We grow together and stay strong. We all look up to Novak and he is always pushing us to make us better so we can possibly try to get up to that level. We talk sometimes and practice whenever we get a chance.

He is definitely trying to help us with some of his experiences. I definitely try to resemble him and try to get the movement on the court to be a little faster like he is." “It was my goal to stay there on the ATP Tour which is a lot different from Challengers.

I was really happy that I was able to win at that level and especially to do well at the Grand Slams. These were the first time I played there and I experienced my first five-setter [defeating Denis Kudla] in the first round of Roland Garros].

I am proud I was able to do well right away at the Slams. It takes some players time to win their first Grand Slam match. I was excited when I qualified for the Australian Open and just the whole experience there helped me a lot.

At the other Grand Slam tournaments I got straight into the main draw and thought I could win some matches. It gave me experience and a belief that I can be there and play at that level now and in the future, too”.