Gerard Pique convinced Novak Djokovic to play Davis Cup - Albert Costa

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Gerard Pique convinced Novak Djokovic to play Davis Cup - Albert Costa

In an interview to AS the Davis Cup Tournament Director Albert Costa spoke about several players first criticizing the new event format and then committing to the event. Costa said: "We worked on it. There were critical tennis players but it was normal because you struggle accepting something.

Now 99.9 percent of people are in favour. Everyone who have their countries qualified, except injuries, will be in Madrid with the exception of Alexander Zverev. This format is better for the fans but especially for the players."

Did they struggle a lot convincing Novak Djokovic? "The entire team, and pretty much Pique, committed for it, and he convinced himself that representing his country once a year is good for his career." Asked what surprise he expects to happen, Costa replied: "It will be a very open competition.

Five or six countries have opportunities to win. Canada, Italy, Great Britain... And if Spain goes through the groups stages, that you have very complicated rivals, they will be a clear favorite." What's the majority of fans being there per countries? "Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Chile and Canada.

For the Spain's matches there are no tickets left and it will be packed during the weekend too. At the end of the day it's like the football world cup and it will definitely triumph."