Novak Djokovic shares how coach Ivanisevic helps him to perform better

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Novak Djokovic shares how coach Ivanisevic helps him to perform better

Novak Djokovic spoke about how his Croatian coach Goran Ivanisevic helped him since Wimbledon. In a press conference, the Serbian player said: “He was in my shoes, he knows what it feels like to compete at the highest level, to win a Slam.

He’s in a very good relationship with Marian, I think that’s important that there is a synergy and understanding. They bring a lot of wisdom, but simplicity through information that is very valuable for me to perform my best on the court”.

On the next generation playing on the biggest stage, Djokovic concluded: “It’s a great message for the sport. It was inevitable that it was going to happen that we were going to have a really successful next generation coming in.

We’re pushed by new generations that we have to improve on the tennis court. So I do have frequent conversations with my coaches about my game in general, what are the things that make me feel good, what are the things that can be improved, and that changes depending on the year, depending on the surface, and it’s exciting.

There is always something to work on”. Daniil Medvedev spoke about his attempt to win the ATP Finals joining Nikolay Davydenko: “I think all of us young Russian players saw this title. It was amazing, he's the only Russian to win it.

It feels really good, I think for the country, to be back here, to represent my country, and hopefully I can just show some good tennis and win some matches.