Berrettini: 'I will step on court thinking about beating Novak Djokovic'

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Berrettini: 'I will step on court thinking about beating Novak Djokovic'

Matteo Berrettini spoke about how it feels to play the ATP Finals in London for the first time. The 23-year-old Italian player said: "I am really happy and proud of myself. Like I said these days, I am grateful to my team, my family, all the people who support me in this young career and in this trip and process.

I am a guy who pushes himself more and more, I want to be a better player and person every day. When i cracked top 20 I could have said, This is good for me. I was happy and proud but not enough. I kept pushing, improving, putting myself in a more difficult situation."

On the upcoming match against Novak Djokovic, Berrettini added: "I never played him, it's gonna be a huge experience and moment for my career. But like I did in the previous years, I am looking forward to learn something, put a lot effort and for sure I am stepping on the court thinking about beating him but let's see what's gonna happen", said Berrettini who will also face Roger Federer in the next days.

On his season, he concluded: “I think my backhand is more solid now. The way I move on the court. You have to play against the best players in the world to improve, so that’s what the goal was at the beginning of the season.

We were just thinking about playing the biggest tournaments and then I played that Challenger between Indian Wells and Miami and it was great because it was a really high level. There were like more than 10 guys [in the] Top 100, so it helped me to get some confidence and for sure my serve and my forehand were great”.