Novak Djokovic impressed by Jannik Sinner's Next Gen Finals win

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Novak Djokovic impressed by Jannik Sinner's Next Gen Finals win

Novak Djokovic spoke highly of Jannik Sinner who won the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan at 18 years of age. The Belgrade native said: "Congratulations to him for win of NextGen Finals in Milano. I saw that. It was very impressive win against de Minaur that is finalist last year and already, I can say, is experienced player even though he's young but he's had a great season.

And for Jannik to win that comfortably, it's really impressive, at home in Italy. I think NextGen Finals tournament is a great way to launch young tennis stars, you know, in the world of tennis. So he's definitely the next star that people will look at, will follow.

I know him from before. I have practiced with him more than few times in Piatti Academy in the past several years, and he's always been very, very dedicated young man, very respectful, and he's in good hands because Riccardo is a good coach, he used to be my coach, as well.

I'm sure they know what they are doing, and the results are showing that." Asked if he tried to play a too perfect tennis against Matteo Berrettini, Djokovic replied: "Everyone is different. Throughout my career, I always intended and always tried to perfect my game and, you know, in the midst of a battle and heat of the moment, sometimes you just get frustrated with certain things regardless of the results.

Sometimes I really don't mind the results as much as I care about the execution of certain shots or tactics or whatever it is. That's all it is (smiling)."