Jannik Sinner is stronger than Novak Djokovic was at 18 years of age -Coach

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Jannik Sinner is stronger than Novak Djokovic was at 18 years of age -Coach

In an interview to La Stampa Jannik Sinner's coach Riccardo Piatti was asked if he ever coached a good player like the 18-year-old Italian. Piatti, who worked with Ivan Ljubicic, Milos Raonic, Richard Gasquet and Novak Djokovic back in 2005, replied: "No and not even a player from abroad.

It doesn't mean he will become the new Djokovic. I explained it to Jannik after his loss to Stan Wawrinka at the US Open. I coached Novak when he was as old as him, 18 years: he was strong but it took him seven years to win the US Open.

For Sinner the next four or five years will be the key. He doesn't have to get lost. My job is not to make it happen. He will have to play many high level matches. At least 60 next year. And it will be very difficult. That's why I fought a lot to make him get many wild cards.

Once he plays 150 more matches, he will be ready. He already has a high level and he played some tournaments under his standards. He handles nerves, heads into the court and starts at his best. That's what makes champions great.

He is able to understand how things need to be done. I have to push him to the limit of this skill. He is not afraid unlike some guys who have fear of investing on themselves." Asked what Sinner needs to improve on, Piatti replied: "He needs to handle the game.

Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, why do they win so much? Because they are able to switch game thrice or four times in a match."