Berrettini coped with frustration vs Djokovic better than he did vs Federer

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Berrettini coped with frustration vs Djokovic better than he did vs Federer

In an interview to ubitennis Matteo Berrettini's mental coach Stefano Massari spoke about the Italian player's loss to Novak Djokovic. Massari said: "Now Matteo needs to cope with the expectations from the world.

Athletes who play less popular sports have less pressure. He only needs the expectations from coaches and relatives." Massari added: "In handling the frustrating he was better than with Federer. Then Djokovic plays better than him and that's clear.

Even listening at what he said in a press conference he is living it well. If he went on court and he did not compete, that would have been bad. He was proud and he committed until the end. For me his biggest change was to learn from losses.

He is suffering them less. He looked for people who could help him with his project." Dominic Thiem spoke of his win over Federer: "It's very special to face Federer every time and then beating him is even more beautiful.

I served and returned well and I was solid from the baseline." The Italian coach Riccardo Piatti spoke about the 18-year-old Jannik Sinner. Asked what Sinner needs to improve on, Piatti replied: "He needs to handle the game.

Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, why do they win so much? Because they are able to switch game thrice or four times in a match." But how is Sinner like off the court? "He enjoys himself a lot. We laugh so much. Tennis is not a job, it's a game. On this thing Jannik makes me remember Roger Federer."