Pundits reveal the incredible thing about Novak Djokovic

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Pundits reveal the incredible thing about Novak Djokovic

Former Roger Federer's coach Paul Annacone spoke about Novak Djokovic's dominant win over Matteo Berrettini at the ATP Finals in London. The American said: "This is incredble and this is what we have seen Novak do so well over the last few years, if you do not hit targets, it doesn't matter how big is your serve, if he gets on his racket it's gonna be hit on you so quick and then Berrettini lacked of experience playing in this event for the first time, overplayed, went too big too early, and then when Novak gets the lead and stretches it out and plays offensive tennis, it's so tough to catch up."

Jim Courier added: "For Novak there was relief from Berrettini's relentless power. If you could get it on the backhand. The serve and the forehand are massive from Italian, the backhand not so much, it's okay, it's not something that is gonna scare Novak.

Once Novak was able to wrestle control those rallies, he moves better, he defends better, he is better and that certainly played out." Djokovic spoke about playing the new Davis Cup: "Should be fun, should be exciting.

I've had, in the past, experiences where I was really even coming injured and playing Davis Cup, and for some reason there is always this additional energy and motivation that you get when you're in the team. And when you're surrounded with your friends, playing for your country, it's just completely from any other event."