'Novak Djokovic goes through enormous pressure,everybody wants to beat him'

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'Novak Djokovic goes through enormous pressure,everybody wants to beat him'

In an interview to Sport Klub Novak Djokovic's coach Goran Ivanisevic spoke about what the Serbian player can improve on. The Croat, a 2001 Wimbledon winner, said: "There is always a lot to learn. I am a bit closer to how he works, how he trains, what is the preparation...

When someone is the number one in the world, it's an enormous pressure because everybody wants to beat you. That's why you need to constantly train, the single sport does not allow you to relax for a day. The good environment, the mentality and the language help a lot because the communication is the key.

It's fantastic for me, I think that's for him too, and with Marian who is the simplest guy. With Marian Vajda it's like if I was at the Maldives, a simple man, amazing and a big expert. It works well, we think in the same way, our opinions on tennis are the same - we complete each other, Novak uses informations from both.

In such important tournaments where pressure and expectations are high, we share a bigger responsability." Dominic Thiem believes it's normal that Matteo Berrettini feels tense playing the ATP Finals in London for the first time.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the Austrian said: "Things will go better as matches go on. The first time you step in the arena is overwhelming. I remember three years ago my knees were soft, I was anxious just like Matteo and the first match against Novak was not easy because he is so confident.

But he will learn from it." On his win over Roger Federer, Thiem added: "To beat Federer many things need to fit together and it was the case. I served very well and I returned very close and I hit some of my best shots I ever did indoor, that was the key. I also broke him twice in crucial moments."