Novak Djokovic: 'Dominic Thiem was just literally smacking the ball'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Dominic Thiem was just literally smacking the ball'

Novak Djokovic spoke highly of Dominic Thiem after his loss to the Austrian. The Belgrade native said: "I thought he deserved to win. He just played very courageous tennis and just smacking the ball. He went for broke. I mean, the entire match he played same way he played the last point.

I mean, I have to put my hat down and congratulate him, because he just played a great match.. I mean, I don't think I have experienced too many matches like this where my opponent just goes for every single shot. I mean, he was unbelievable, and in some stages it was just incredible that he was just literally smacking the ball as hard as he can and he was going in.

It's really hard to say -- I mean, of course his level was super high. This today was unbelievable. But whether he can keep that up, you know, every match, if he does, chapeau, you know. There is not much you can say. For sure, he's playing great tennis.

He was taking every opportunity to smack the ball, I mean, as hard as he can. Flatten it out, backhand down the line. He didn't miss too many backhands down the line, really. It was amazing. I have played him before. I know his game. But what he did tonight was just out of ordinary, so to say."