Novak Djokovic reacts to ending the year behind Rafael Nadal

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Novak Djokovic reacts to ending the year behind Rafael Nadal

Novak Djokovic shared his thoughts on ending the year as world No. 2 behind Rafael Nadal. The Serb, who needed to win the ATP Finals title in order to end the year as the top-ranked player, said: "It was on the line. Of course that was a big motivation also for the end of the season, but, yeah, I mean, every time you step on the court, you know there is something on the line, I mean, at least on the highest level in tennis.

So, you know, I feel pressure and excitement all the time, every single match, especially if I play against the best players in the world." Asked if seeing his two children after this loss may help him go past the disappointment, Djokovic replied: "Yeah, of course.

I get back now to the house, they will probably be sleeping, but I will spend some time with them. Not too many days, because I have to go to Madrid for the Davis Cup. Then after that, I get to spend some time in the off-season.

You know, it puts things in perspective. When you have a family, obviously everything else falls into second place, and I am blessed to be a father. I can't wait to spend some quality time with them." Asked if he will play Davis Cup Finals in Madrid, Djokovic concluded: "I'm hoping.

You know, right now things physically are fine. Of course, the gas tank is not as full as the beginning of the season, but I am motivated to join the guys and play there because I have not played in the team competition of Davis Cup for some time.

So I look forward to it. They are my dear friends, all of the guys in the team, and I can't wait to feel that team spirit. The format is different. Should be exciting."