'Novak Djokovic will be the GOAT, break all records' - Father

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'Novak Djokovic will be the GOAT, break all records' - Father

Srdjan Djokovic spoke in an interview with Blic about his son Novak's goals for the future. Srdjan said: "He will be the greatest player ever and until he will not become, he will not stop playing tennis. It's not good at all for me and our family when we hear words that not are positive for Novak.

Now he is the world No. 2 and people believe you are really strong only if you are number one. But I know there are not too many people like this. Novak ended the year as a world No. 1 for four years. There have been many players trying to stay ahead of Novak in the last ten years.

Novak broke through during a difficult time for Serbia and the people of the country, showing that we are not the worst in the world but that we are a part of the European culture. Still, he got booed by the US Open crowd and many other tournaments in the world just because of his country's origins.

You cannot even think how difficult it has been for Novak to be involved in such situations but he always had a cool mind and a strong heart. He is already one of the greatest players of all time. I am sure that more than 95 percent of people appreciate Novak, who will try to break all the records before his retirement.

Working hard was the key of his success, he took the best from me and his mother." Roger Federer holds the men's Grand Slam titles record with 20 ahead of Rafael Nadal who holds 19 and Djokovic who won 16.