Novak Djokovic expects very tough Davis Cup tie against France

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Novak Djokovic expects very tough Davis Cup tie against France

Serbia will face France next in the Davis Cup groups stage on Thursday. Novak Djokovic expects a very tough tie, as he said: "It's probably one of the biggest challenges that we can have in this competition. Playing against France, is one of the most successful nations in Davis Cup, and definitely one of the strongest teams.

I mean, France has so many different players, they can create two, three different teams that can play equally well singles, doubles. So having got that variety of players and quality of players in your team makes a big difference and it's a big advantage.

So of course, I'm really glad that we managed to get two wins in singles today. Today, I think Krajinovic and I both played well, which is important. Heading into tomorrow's maybe deciding -- well, definitely deciding match -- tie, sorry, against France.

So we'll try to get the most out of the singles matches because doubles, you know, the best doubles team in the world at the moment, Herbert-Mahut, it's really tough. I expect the win there. But, of course, we are not a bad team as well.

So we hope we can get a positive outcome." Djokovic has a special connection with his teammates: "We won in 2010 at home. We played a couple of finals, semifinals. So, you know, it was this competition that also brought a lot of benefits or, so to say, positive things to our individual careers. So, of course, it's always special being together with them and the team."