Novak Djokovic reveals his biggest goal for 2020 season

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Novak Djokovic reveals his biggest goal for 2020 season

Novak Djokovic spoke about his main professional and personal goals for the 2020 season. The Belgrade native said: "Personally, the biggest resolution, New Year's resolution and biggest wish, is to be healthy and to spend as much quality time with my family and to have laughs with my kids and with my wife, my brothers.

For me, that's the number one thing. And tennis-wise, professionally, Olympics is definitely very high on the list of wishes for next year. So I'm going to try to be healthy, be fit, be prepared to play my best. I played Tokyo tournament, I won it this year.

And the Olympic Games are going to be played on the same courts, which are quite good for my style of the game, I think it's quite suitable. So I look forward to it. I think it's going to be fun. Olympics are always bringing something extraordinary I think.

Every four years you get a chance to be part of the most historic sports events in the history of sport. And you know, you never get really a chance to, other than Olympics, to really sit next to all the elite athletes from their sports and dine with them and just exchange experiences and knowledge and everything.

Just, there's a lot of storytelling, a lot of fun. I like that part as well and hopefully I can also have a successful Olympic Games where I can have a chance to win a medal", concluded the 32-year-old in a press conference.