Herbert backs new Davis Cup format, mentions Novak Djokovic

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Herbert backs new Davis Cup format, mentions Novak Djokovic

In an interview, Pierre-Hugues Herbert spoke about the new Davis Cup format. The Frenchman said: "This is perhaps the positive point of this new format: Novak (Djokovic) is here. The last time we played Serbia, he was not.

So maybe it was an advantage for us to play Serbia in Lille without him. This is probably what the organizers wanted: that the best players in the world be there." Filip Krajnovic paid tribute to Tipsarevic's retirement: "Janko is my very close friend and my agent.

He had an amazing career, top ten. He was fighting. He was one of my idols, so I'm sad that he's leaving us from the professional tennis. But I know that's the best thing for him right now because he went through so many injuries, so many operations, surgeries.

So for him, it was very tough the last five years. So he decided to quit and to move on. And he's been doing well off the court with the business. So I'm happy that he's doing well right now. At the same time, I know we're going to be friends forever and he's going to be, he's going to be next to me for sure."

Mexican player Santiago Gonzalez is excited to be part of the exhibition event that will feature Roger Federer in Chile: "I am very happy to be in this event, making history. I am proud to represent Mexico at home. It will be a unique experience...

It will be a great day for Mexican tennis. For kids it will be special, seeing him live is something different... He can definitely inspire your careers. Holding this event in such a historical place has been a challenge, like setting the press room, the locker room, the space for TVs. Everything is perfect, hopefully, things go as planned."