'Everybody thinks Djokovic is favorite vs Paire but anything can happen'

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'Everybody thinks Djokovic is favorite vs Paire but anything can happen'

Serbia's Davis Cup team captain Nedad Zimonjic spoke about the new format of the team competition and their upcoming tie against France. "The more difficult part is over the time of three days. You have more time to recover or maybe even, you know, if you're losing two matches to Love, you have chance to come back.

Here everything is happening quick. First of all, it's best-of-three sets and everything is played the same day. So all the players, they have to be ready and they play on the same day', said Zimonjic. "Regarding the team, France always has a really tough team.

Doesn't matter who is on it, or what surface, or where you guys play. Is similar, it is, with our team. And the difference was over the years that you had a lot more players to choose from. And for us, if we didn't have the top four, then it would be a tricky one and tough, a tough part.

Regarding the match tomorrow, I'm expecting maybe that Grosjean will change the first player and that Benoit Paire will play against Novak (Djokovic). And Jo will play for sure the second one. In doubles, it is quite simple.

I would say on the paper, everybody thinks that Novak is really favorite, and your doubles is really favorite, and the second singles will decide. But I think everything is possible tomorrow. The Japanese team showed us this yesterday.

We came really focused and prepared today, everybody played on a high level, all our players. I'm really happy with the performance since the French team had the day off and we will play them tomorrow. So I'm happy the way everything finished today."