Novak Djokovic speaks about Davis Cup tie ending at 4:00 AM

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Novak Djokovic speaks about Davis Cup tie ending at 4:00 AM

Novak Djokovic spoke about the Davis Cup tie between United States and Italy ending past 4:00 AM on Thursday. The Serb said: "I was always going to happen, knowing that you have 18 teams that you are trying to -- you're trying to squeeze everything in in one week on three courts; center court, of course, being the main court.

You know, with the rest between matches and the singles players, double players, ceremonies, and all these different things that are part of the protocol, it's always going to be very complicated to get everything done on time, you know.

And of course the long matches. I don't know if you were here yesterday, I don't think so. But I said in terms of -- one of the ideas was maybe you can have an elite eight tournament, finals, you know, like 8 teams rather than 18.

And then have qualification groups played, you know, in different places around the world. Hosting nations of those groups, which I think would actually allow the hosting nations or actually more nations to have a hosting tie, an opportunity to play at home.

Which many players actually complain about in this format, that you don't have a 99.9 chance -- teams -- percent of teams don't have an opportunity to play at home anymore. It's going to be Madrid this year, Madrid next year, and then another place.

Only one nation will have an opportunity to be the host, which is a big advantage. If you see the last couple of days, the interest for Spanish ties was of course a full stadium and the others not so much. Of course, as we are going towards the weekend I guess the attendance will increase.

But when you are playing at home it's different. Then the hosting nation has more support, which can be deciding in this kind of competition."