Novak Djokovic opens up on his elbow issue

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Novak Djokovic opens up on his elbow issue

Novak Djokovic spoke about the elbow injury he suffered during the doubles match he lost playing alongside Victor Troicki. The Belgrade native said: "It was, again, a very quick move that caused pain. But in the third set, I was able to serve, I was able to play with no pain, which was positive."

The captain Nedad Zimonjic said: "I would say Andrey played extremely well in singles and he carried this confidence in doubles. He definitely made the difference at the end, those two match points. On one it was the first serve that he returned really well.

On the second one, it was Karen's second serve where the return was quite good and he crossed and played a really good short volley. So he was the one that saved the Russian team, I would say. From the tactical side, if you have all singles guys on the court, where they feel less comfortable, it's maybe being at the net, especially the Russian players, I would say.

But they can compensate this with really hard-hitting groundstrokes or serves. But this was a tactic to attack them at the net where they are at their most vulnerable. Unfortunately, one point decided here. It could have been different.

They gave everything they had, but this is how the sport is. The way I approached always team competition, playing for the country, is if you decide to do so, you do whatever you can to give your best. Whatever a team needs you to do, you do it to your best efforts.

And they gave everything today. Sometimes you win together. Sometimes you lose. Like Viktor said, thanks to him we were the -- not just to him -- he happened to play the deciding match. But in order to be in that position, Novak had to win both singles.

We had to win as a team. Previous competitions, where some other matches were important. At the end, you win as a team and you lose as a team. It doesn't matter if somebody wins two matches and you end up losing the match. The main thing is that everybody here did their part, you know, not just now, but during their career.

And that's all you can say, you know. It was very emotional because it's Janko's last (tearing up)... Sorry."