Novak Djokovic: 'I'm exhausted and just ready to have a holiday'

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Novak Djokovic: 'I'm exhausted and just ready to have a holiday'

Novak Djokovic feels disappointed after losing the decisive doubles match pairing up with Viktor Troicki against the Russian duo made up of Karen Khachanov and Andrey Rublev. Djokovic said: "I was just thinking about how to be the best version of myself and, of course, in a pair with Viktor on the court, that's all.

To get the final point, this match was a roller coaster match with a lot of turnarounds and very, very emotional, very tense. And, as I said, life goes on. I'm exhausted and just ready to have a holiday." He continued: "I will respectfully disagree with you that sport is only about and all about defeat and victory.

I think it's much more than that. We don't start playing tennis because we want to win in life, but because we enjoy what we do. But, of course, winning and losing at the professional level, professional competition level, obviously affects greatly your mood and, of course, your career, and whatnot.

So, of course it hurts, it hurts us really badly, me personally as well. There's not much to say, you know. These kind of matches happen once in maybe forever, and that's it. I mean, it's -- the season is done and we're turning the next page.

Next morning is going to be different." Asked to give his opinion on the new Davis Cup format, Djokovic replied: "I will not answer that second part of your question because I've already talked about it three days in a row, about the format, about everything. So you can look at the previous conferences."