Khachanov: 'Saving three match points vs Djokovic, Troicki was very nice'

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Khachanov: 'Saving three match points vs Djokovic, Troicki was very nice'

In an interview with Russia24, Karen Khachanov spoke about Russia's Davis Cup run that ended against Canada in the semi-finals, last Saturday, on 23rd November. Khachanov said: "Davis Cup was very difficult in terms of emotions.

Almost every day we played two matches. It was very nice to save three match points against Novak Djokovic and Victor Troicki. But to be honest, it's very difficult. It's difficult to even describe the emotions I went through.

Honestly, the Davis Cup was organized at a very high level. But we finished the tie at 3:00 AM, which is not good. That was the first year of the competition with this format, so I think the organizers will listen to players and they will make the changes needed.

I think you should reduce the number of teams involved. Quarter-finals, semis and finals - three ties on a neutral venue. And if you take 18 teams, you need more days. But then I am not sure they will come to Madrid for two weeks."

On his coaching relationship with compatriot Nikolay Davydenko, a former world No. 3, Khachanov added: "I really liked it. We started co-operating in summer, so we did not work too much together. But I am very grateful to him because we had very open conversations and from his experience, he improved my game. We built a very good and close relationship, we will see what happens after."