Insider shares why Rafael Nadal poses a challenge for Novak Djokovic

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Insider shares why Rafael Nadal poses a challenge for Novak Djokovic

Radek Stepanek coached Novak Djokovic between 2017 and 2018. The former world No. 8 spoke with Sport Klub, about the Serb, suggesting that Djokovic would have loved to end the year as world No. 1 ahead of Rafael Nadal, which he didn't.

Stepanek said: "Honestly, as I know him, he is missing number one. He had another incredible season again, five titles. When he sets a goal it's always on the peak of the highest mountain and I believe he did the same even this year but whatever he is producing for it and it warms my heart that he is back where he belongs on the top obviously not making it in the last week of the season as a number one but his season was tremendous again."

Stepanek also opened up on what makes Djokovic unique: "His dedication to details and hard work he is putting, he is special, his movement is the best in the world. He has his own recipes and I will not tell them but this dedication, he is like, I missed two shots by little during the match but I do not want to miss them, I have to get better and not miss two shots, even when it's incredible what he can produce.

This is motivating him to play for such a long time on the highest level." Djokovic has 16 Majors, three less than Nadal and four less than Federer. The Czech concluded: "My prediction is that if he is healthy and is gonna keep continuining winning two a year which I think he can, even more, then he can end up with most Slams.

But you do not know what can happen with Roger, Rafa, these three guys are dividing the Slams in between them and it's an incredible thing to look up for the next season."