How to build a vegan brand and impress Novak Djokovic & Oprah Winfrey

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How to build a vegan brand and impress Novak Djokovic & Oprah Winfrey

Kiril Petkov, the CEO of Proviotic, a biovegan probiotic tested, tried and recommended by tennis star Novak Djokovic and TV personality Oprah Winfrey, will share the story of his brand on 25th January 2020 in Vitosha, Bulgaria.

During the TedX event that will take place in the outskirts of Sofia, Petkov will respond to key questions that will help each participant figure out his formula for success. “What does it take to create ProViotic – the world’s only biovegan probiotic.

How does it feel to have Oprah Winfrey and Novak Djokovic as your clients?”, are just a couple of the questions the CEO will take on, according to The Sofia Globe. Djokovic, widely known for his plant-based diet, promoted the probiotic brand in 2017 when he appeared on Twitter drinking Proviotic juice.

Besides Novak Djokovic, another big name stands behind the Bulgarian brand and that’s Oprah Winfrey.

“Oprah herself has included ProViotic in her journal as one of her favorite 10 products. It was not even in a particular category – there were things from shoes to perfumes … and our bottle. We did not pay, we do not have the connections.

For the US market it is of utmost importance to have such people, who are talking about your product. It is enough for it to be mentioned twice to result in growth for the business”. , said Kiril Petkov in an interview for