Marco Cecchinato recalls win over Novak Djokovic

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Marco Cecchinato recalls win over Novak Djokovic

In an interview to Punto de Break last year the Italian player Marco Cecchinato recalled his French Open quarter-finals win over Novak Djokovic. The Italian player struggled to realize he had won such a big match. 'In my life many happy moments come to my mind but in tennis I pick that one, I remember it like if it were yesterday', said Cecchinato.

'On the match point I was very tense, I did not want to think about anything, only winning the last point. Then it took around one month to realize that I had beaten Djokovic, a very difficult moment to describe. In Italy it was something giant.

Everyone was speaking of me.' What has been the most meaningful change? 'Definitely the mind. This year I started so well because I was completely focused on my goal, every time I was heading into the court I thought just about the match and nothing else.

I wanted to play every point at my best, being always aggressive. The body was important but the head played a crucial role.' On the health of the Italian tennis, Cecchinato said: 'Now the men's Italian tennis is very healthy, there is an important generation that can do big things. I think we can go very far in the Davis Cup in Madrid. We have a very complete and competitive team.'