Novak Djokovic pays $6M for a new property in Miami

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Novak Djokovic pays $6M for a new property in Miami

Novak Djokovic has won two Slams in 2019 (Australian Open and Wimbledon), but has not closed the season at number 1. The Serbian is ready to defend his title at the Australian Open, where he defeated Rafael Nadal in the final last year.

He became the eighth player in history to achieve the Career Grand Slam and the third man to hold all four major titles at once, the first since Rod Laver in 1969 and the first ever to do so on three different surfaces. He is the only male player to have won all nine of the Masters 1000 tournaments.

The number 2 in the world paid $5.77 million for his Miami Beach condo. The building features a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom unit, an underground parking garage, a gym and spa, wine bar, and two pools. It was designed by architect Renzo Piano and developed by Terra, Bizzi & Partners, New Valley and Pacific Eagle.

Before the start of the next season, Nole talked about his main goals: "I’m motivated by breaking my own records and moving my own boundaries and that’s something that motivates me to compete. I do love to play tennis so I do like to be on the practice court.

But competitive tennis is different. In order to compete to be a professional tennis player and to compete at the highest level, you really need goals, daily goals, monthly goals, yearly goals. So I do have them, as everyone else.

Of course, I’m aware of the privilege that I have to fight for history and to be able to possibly achieve even greater things and that’s something that drives me of course, alongside other things. I think it’s always about finding that purpose, and the reason, the meaning of actually playing. For me, especially in the last couple of years, it’s not only about winning a tennis match or a trophy."