What are Novak Djokovic's best skills?

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What are Novak Djokovic's best skills?

Novak Djokovic has carved out an important space in the history of tennis during his career. After Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, he is the player who won more Slam (16), constituting, with his two historical rivals, the Big Three of tennis.

But what are Novak Djokovic's best skills? Service
Djokovic obtained 5,592 aces, winning, 74% of his first-serve points. He has won 56% of second-service points in his career. The serve is a solid skill of Nole's tennis.

His forehand is an important shot for the Serb's career. He manages to make good use of this shot even when he is under pressure, often finding the lines of the court. Backhand
Djokovic's backhand is a very precise and powerful shot.

Djokovic is able to use a winner backhand even when he is beyond the baseline and in stressful conditions. It is certainly one of its main skills. Net game
Perhaps the real weak point of his tennis. Djokovic adapts well to any surface, but his style always remains that of a defender from the baseline, and his technique under the net is not comparable to that of Roger Federer.

The best return ever: maybe this is his best technical skills. Even under pressure and with the score against, he manages to raise his level and find crazy winner returns. Mental strength
Djokovic makes mental strength one of his best skills.

He demonstrated this throughout his career. When the situation is delicate, he always manages to raise his level, like a robot. Physical strength and speed
Equipped with good physical strength and good speed, Djokovic has great physical endurance and an almost rubber body, which can hold very long matches without ever losing strength and concentration.

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