The Beast inside Novak Djokovic: how is it awakened?

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The Beast inside Novak Djokovic: how is it awakened?

The Beast inside Novak Djokovic: how is it awakened? The Serb is always able to raise his level in the most difficult moments. We saw it during his amazing career but, especially in the matches against Roger Federer. Two episodes in particular: the 2019 Wimbledon final and the 2020 Australian Open 2020 semi-final.

On the London lawns Djoker was on the brink of the abyss: Federer had two match points on his service, but here Nole's mental strength crushed that of the Swiss Maestro. Result? Djokovic champion at Wimbledon for the fifth time in his career, the 16th Slams.

In Melbourne, this year, Federer has justification for his groin injury suffered against Tennys Sandgren. Still, in the beginning of the first set, Roger was on the score of 4-1, 40-0 on Nole's service. Then he served for the first set on the score of 5-3.

Again here is the beast inside Djokovic awakening. Result? Obviously Djokovic recovered the break and won the first set at the tie-break, dominating the rest of the challenge. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Even when the crowd praises his opponent, reserving coldness and whistles for Djokovic, then Nole's level rises inexorably, becoming unplayable for anyone, on all surfaces.

At the Australian Open 2020 final Djokovic will face Dominic Thiem in what could be one of the crucial events of 2020. Should Novak win, he would be at 17 Majors, very close to Nadal and Federer. Should Thiem win, then the domination of the Big Three in the Slams would be interrupted after a lot of years.

But the Beast inside Djokovic may disagree.