Novak Djokovic aims at overtaking Roger Federer’s record

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Novak Djokovic aims at overtaking Roger Federer’s record

With an intention of further extending his playing time, Novak Djokovic recently reclaimed the World No.1 ranking following his Australian Open and is gunning to overtake Roger Federer’s unrivalled 310 weeks as World No.1.

Back at the No.1 spot for a 276th week, the Serb can take over Federer’s haul if was to remain at the Top of the ATP Rankings for the remainder of the year. He is also inching closer to Federer’s Grand Slam tally of 20, being on 17 himself.

"When I started winning a couple of grand slams a year, a few years in a row, that's where I felt actually I can maybe challenge Roger and Pete Sampras, all these guys that were winning most grand slams in their careers in the history of tennis," Djokovic said.

"The No.1 (record) was not really in the equation for me until I successfully finished as the year-end No.1 for several years in a row. But that's one of the two biggest goals, for sure. There is no secret in that."

Djokovic hopes to win more slams in front of his children. "That would be a dream come true to have them remembering and kind much being conscious of what is happening, and them supporting me and seeing me win big titles," he said.

"They are the biggest jewels of my life. They are the biggest blessing that I've ever experienced." He also spoke about the importance of having a work life balance, saying, “I am a father and a husband of course, not just the tennis player.

I am playing tennis, I'm travelling, of course I miss them, they miss me, but it's one of those things where you just have to see how it goes”. "I can't really plan ahead for two, three, four years.

They're coming to an age where I really want to spend time with them, quality time, (be the) best possible father that I can be and not be on the road all the time. So I'm coming closer to the stage where I have to adjust to that”.

He ended by saying, "I have to probably play less and select certain tournaments where I want to be in my prime and not travel the whole year."