Enki Bilal explains how western fans react towards Novak Djokovic

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Enki Bilal explains how western fans react towards Novak Djokovic

Enki Bilal, one of France's most acclaimed cartoonist talked about Novak Djokovic, the recently crowned Australian Open Champion and World No.1. Bilal is a Belgrade native and recently tried to explain the attitude of Western fans towards Djokovic, sports media reported.

"You know what, I just love that bad side of him, that character. His biggest issue is being a Serb. If he were a Croat we would have appreciated him more. This is all a result of the Balkan wars of the 1990s. The western world immediately divided the pages into "good" and "bad", although the situation was much more complicated.

Don't think that I am defending Serbian officials at the time. The monster and the idiot were everywhere. Even the Nazis, ”Bilal said. "The West has a negative vision of Serbs. They are the "bad guys", the ones we don't trust.

This, of course, dirty the image of the whole of Serbia and goes on from time to time… It should be noted that the Serbs are counting on it to give them a better image than the one they represent. This is important for the country”.

“I think his role is very moving in all this. His two biggest rivals, Nadal and Federer, are above the story of nations, not belonging, in the opinion of most fans, to any country but the whole world. Unlike Djokovic, who is "only" Serb.

But he's an atypical guy, here he is again in the first place and chasing Federer's records. But by the way, that image, that of being a Serb, is also drawn. As a shadow, he follows him, which frustrates me a lot. Although he found his peace and his own way to deal with it,”Bilal added.