Srdjan Djokovic: "Tennis is a sport for rich people"

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Srdjan Djokovic: "Tennis is a sport for rich people"

In the Australian Open final played on Sunday 2 February, Serbian Novak Djokovic defeated Austrian Dominic Thiem after an amazing battle, winning his seventeenth Major trophy (the eighth in Australia) and regaining the first position in the ATP ranking.

For his 17th Grand Slam win he received 2.5 Million Euro as prize money. The Serbian will return to Dubai at the end of February. At the 2020 ATP Cup, Djokovic helped Serbia win its first title by scoring six victories including wins over Medvedev in the semifinal and Nadal in the final.

Despite the victory of his son, Srdjan Djokovic did not approve the attitude of the crowd who came to watch the game. Most people supported Thiem, especially when the Austrian was close to victory in the fourth set. “The seven-time Australian Open champion is playing at Center Court, where he hasn't lost a single game, against any Austrian in the final and the fans are cheering on the Austrian - imagine this disrespect for Novak, ”Srdjan said.

“Tennis is a sport for rich people and they cannot accept that someone from poor and small Serbia is the best tennis player of the past was ten years, ” stated Papa Djokovic to “This year Novak will catch up with Federer because he will win the other three Grand Slam tournaments of the year , Around October 6th or 7th, he will overtake Federer with the most weeks as number one and he will also win the Olympic Games in Tokyo" - he also added.