Chinese fan sculpts Novak Djokovic’s head naming it “The King”

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Chinese fan sculpts Novak Djokovic’s head naming it “The King”

A young fan living in Beijing has honored Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open triumph and his rise to world number one by sculpting a bust of his hero. Geoffrey Guo was on cloud nine when he was congratulated for his work by Nole himself.

“Awesome! Thank you, Geoffrey!”, Djokovic said after he shared Guo’s pictures of the sculpture on Instagram using the attribute ‘so cool’. After hearing these words, the young sculptor was clearly excited and very grateful.

“I can't believe my eyes! It‘s my dream come true! I never thought that you will see it! It‘s my honor to make a sculpture for you, really hope you win all the Grand Slams these years! Keep health! Wish all the good luck be with you and your family!” Geoffrey Guo answered on Instagram.

The reason why Geoffrey decided to sculpt the bust was to honor Novak Djokovic’s latest career accomplishment — winning his 8th Australian Open. “Make a sculpture for my idol Novak Djokovic. It's called ‘The King’.

Celebrating your incredible achievement: 8 Australian Open Championships, 17 Grand Slams, back to World No.1! Not too bad! Hope you like it and wish you all the good luck”, Guo said on his Instagram alongside some pictures of the sculpture.

Following the success and appreciation of his sculpture of Novak Djokovic, the young Chinese admirer wrote an anti-racism message to the people seeing his post regarding the coronavirus crisis. “Now China has been through a hard time, novel coronavirus is on a rampage in China, I hope everyone can refuse prejudice and racial discrimination, because the enemy is not Chinese, (the enemy) is the virus”, Guo said.