Taylor Fritz: "Novak Djokovic was not going to play either way"

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Taylor Fritz: "Novak Djokovic was not going to play either way"

The Miami Open is one of the seven ATP tournaments canceled due to the Coronavirus emergency. The second seasonal Masters 1000, which could be recovered in September, looked for any solution to guarantee the tournament, also considering the option to play behind closed doors.

According to reports from the Daily Mirror, this hypothesis was illustrated in front of the Players Council, but Novak Djokovic would have excluded it by asserting that the situation related to the virus would worsen at any moment.

The World number 1 has made the decision to leave the United States immediately, as Rafael Nadal and Gael Monfils had already done, and since then the organization of the Miami Open has given up all hope. The 17-time Grand Slam champion had already left the country before the announcement.

He even gave a statement before he left. “My advice to the guys that are still in the United States is to return to Europe in the next 48 hours, or even sooner. I’m currently in Los Angeles but I will take a flight today or tomorrow.

Honestly, I don’t know what can happen under these circumstances. And I don’t know if we can play Miami or any other event until the coronavirus pandemic ends”. Taylor Fritz has shed some light on the subject.

“Novak left before we(the player union) discussed anything because he was just, either way, not going to play the tournaments. So before we came to the decision that it as going to be canceled for six weeks, I believe he had already made a personal decision that he is out" - the American said in a recent interview with Tennis.com.