Novak Djokovic writes uplifting message to the world: “We will be stronger”

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Novak Djokovic writes uplifting message to the world: “We will be stronger”

Even though the coronavirus pandemic makes more and more victims around the world, ATP’s current number one Novak Djokovic sees the glass as half-full. The 17-times grand slam winner encouraged his followers to stay home and assured them that the world will be fine after the pandemic ends.

On the top, he added some indoor activities meant to bond the family members and also to make everyone enjoy their isolation. “I pray for the health and healing of you. May God heal any sickness you have physical, mental or spiritual.

May he give you health, energy and joy today. Very challenging times for everyone. I am sending support and prayers. Please stay at home in quarantine and help frontline medical people to help all the people infected and in need.

Let’s not burden them in these critical times more than they already are”. wrote Djokovic on Instagram. The Serbian champion advised that people should take profit from this period and try to connect with their spirituality.

“It’s all about perspective. We live in a fast-paced modern life. Constantly on the go. We rarely get to stop and contemplate our lives. We became addicted to this idea that we always need to be somewhere else and do something productive.

I’m all about being productive and proactive but in harmony with peace and innerstanding of our true essence”. wrote Djokovic. “We can’t be healthy if our world isn’t healthy. This is the time for all of us to get together and unite.

Let’s really try to spend quality time with our family at home, enjoy the little things in life. Let’s try to laugh, love and dedicate time to inner work”. he continued. Moreover, Novak Djokovic gave some examples of enjoyable activities that we all could incorporate into our daily routine.

“Pray, meditate, eat healthy, play music, sing, dance, read, write, workout, sleep well, train our brains to think good thoughts… This is a great opportunity to do that”. he wrote. Djokovic concluded his message in a hopeful manner.

“We all live in the same world. Please treat people and nature like you would treat yourself. God bless you all. We will be stronger and more united, I am sure”.