Will the long tennis break threaten Novak Djokovic's toughness?

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Will the long tennis break threaten Novak Djokovic's toughness?

There are many factors that add up when it comes to players winning matches and capturing titles. Physical stamina, mental toughness and defiant strategies that come through resulting in victories. But since the virus pandemic, the one thing all players have in common is that their performances have stopped after the Australian Open and ended before the Indian Wells championships.

The top three or four ATP guys are constant rivalries with one another, but some say one has a more 'one up' on the others--and that's Novak Djokovic. "The toughest thing is to play against Novak...You feel like an amateur (when you play) against him.

I have never been close to a winning set against him. He doesn't have weaknesses..." Robin Haase, ranked in the top 30s says about Djokovic. But his weaknesses are there, probably hadn't showed up enough when playing Haase.

The Serbian's inconsistencies were at a minimum but as days go on, it gets more uncertain when the virus outbreak will level off and the tournaments will begin. Djokovic ended his play on an excellent note, winning over a dozen matches and capturing two titles in Australia and Dubai.

He was on a roll and for that to be broken could prove detrimental to his successful performance. But former player and doubles specialist Todd Woodbridge had spoken to the Australian Associated Press on this matter. He sees the 3 or 4 top players are always pitted against each other but it's Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer who may be in in doubt of having less than stellar performances this year.

"Because of the uncertainty it makes it hard to see how the three can dominate when they come back because of the age of Roger and Rafa..." Woodbridge continued. The issue will be their ages and the extended hiatus of the tour starting Woodbridge feels.

While Roger Federer is 38, Nadal is 33 and Djokovic is 32. The 30s can determine how long and the quality of play and Federer is doing well to be 38, but now recuperation from arthroscopic knee surgery may tell the tale of his participation when the tour resumes.

The idea of Rafael Nadal being tested, on not playing for months, it's no big deal the way Uncle Toni explains. "Because of injury, he could go up to 3 months without touching a racquet, but when he returned, he was fine in a week or at most 10 or 15 days.

This will be a similar situation." Tennis Channel's new addition to the commentary circle is former ATP player Andy Roddick. He gave his take on Djokovic literally being 'no joke' "..He has a winning record aganst all...He's insane..."

Novak Djokovic's game has been picked apart but many agree that his serve is the least talked on and John Isner comments that "You actually don't think about his serve...just because he does everything so well..."

The long break has affected everyone, but Novak Djokovic is walking around with a huge bag of self-confidence. This time off the competitive court, Todd Woodbridge says "..it may come at a good time...to actually rejuvenate him again...this period helps him the most."

But Djokovic only smiles all of the talk off and simply says the break "..helps me and my surroundings to strive to spend as much time as possible in a positive and cheerful spirit..." Novak Djokovic knows he has the advantage on all the players, but what he has to do now is let his racket do the talking where and when the time comes for him to get on the court.