Roddick on rankings freeze: "Terrible for Novak Djokovic"


Roddick on rankings freeze: "Terrible for Novak Djokovic"
Roddick on rankings freeze: "Terrible for Novak Djokovic"

ATP found itself in an unprecedented situation when the pandemic spread to almost all parts of the world. Having been forced to suspend the circuit for a long time, the leaders of the association had to make the decision to freeze the ranking.

When this choice was made known, a question arose in everyone's mind: will the weeks for Novak Djokovic's stay at World number 1 be counted? The response was negative, a response that disappointed all the fans of the 17-time Slam champion.

In this way, the Serbian champion will have to wait at least 2021 to match and exceed the record held by Roger Federer. Former World No. 1, Andy Roddick, begs to differ. While he understood Brad’s perspective to a degree, there was a fundamental problem with it according to Andy.

“You have to play the matches to win and you can’t get credit for matches you don’t play; for matches that other people don’t play. There’s every chance that Novak could get hurt and Rafa could win a Masters Series event, and then on clay, he could run the table.

It’s terrible for Novak, but you can’t just make assumptions and therefore give credit for something that hasn’t been played out" - the former World number 1 said on Tennis Channel. Talking about his career, Novak was the most successful player in whatever was played of the 2020 tennis season.

“I’m ready to play, but we have to wait some months. I believe. I’m just blessed I’m around my family. I’m happy to be spending some quality time with my family for once, cause we are always traveling" - explained the 17-time Grand Slam champion.

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