Novak Djokovic opens up on Olympics loss in Rio


Novak Djokovic opens up on Olympics loss in Rio
Novak Djokovic opens up on Olympics loss in Rio

Novak Djokovic was aiming to win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics this summer, but will have to wait at least until next year due to the pandemic. The 17-time Grand Slam champion has had no particular luck in the Olympics so far.

During a 'LIVE session' between Djokovic and Andy Murray, one question that popped up in their conversation was which moment the two of them would like to change in their careers. The Serbian gave quite a heartfelt answer.

“I think it would be the Olympic Games. So maybe the match I played against you in London (2012) or maybe Rafa in Beijing. I lost semis, also very close, three all or four all I had something like 15-40 or something like that, I lost 6-4, 7-5 in the third.

I missed an overhead, very easy overhead, which is quite typical of me, of my career" - the World number 1 stated. “I would say the Olympic Games. I had the fortune to have great success in my career and win all four Slams and all Masters series and I did win Bronze in Beijing.

Was really feeling good in Rio (2016). I’d lost in the third round of Wimbledon so I had enough time to get ready and I won Canada (Rogers Cup). So I came to Rio full of confidence; I had like the 15 best months of my career behind me before Rio.

I remember I was practicing for two hours on the centre court, singles. And then, I went on with Serbian guys to practice for another, like an hour, hour and a half, doubles. And, I start to feel my wrist at the end of the doubles sets that we played.

I was like I’m tired, and you know. But it starts to be more painful, more painful. And, I don’t want this to sound like an excuse like it’s because of that that I lost to del Potro, it’s absolutely not.

I mean I was enabled, I did get some injections and I had to go out on the court and try. But I felt really sad that I wasn’t at my best, and I had a really tough draw. I felt like if I had a slightly better draw I could have, kind of, worked my way into the tournament.

So probably yes, if I had the chance to turn back time and change the outcome it would be Rio or in London against you" - Djokovic added.

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