ATP Player: Djokovic is very interested in what happens to players outside the elite

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ATP Player: Djokovic is very interested in what happens to players outside the elite

30 year old Carlos Gomez-Herrera, ranked No. 428 in the world, says that World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has taken a keen interest on the situation of players ranked outside the Top 150 in the world rankings. Speaking to the Puntodebreak website, Gomez-Herrera says, 'Recently, Djokovic asked me about the situation of players of my rank.

He is very interested in what happens to a tennis player who is not in the elite, outside the top 150. I saw that he was open and receptive to know the real situation." Djokovic is the President of the ATP Players Council and has been one of the key people behind the proposed fund to provide relief to the lower ranked players on which the tennis bodies are currently working upon.

The pair had played doubles once in 2014 in Dubai. The former World No. 268 also says that he does not agree with comments made by Austrian Dominic Thiem that players in the lower rankings are not professional enough. Gomez-Herrera says, "I absolutely do not agree.

When you're on the circuit, you're very hungry. You know that if you stay on these circuits (Challenger and Future), you will not be able to live tennis. There is a lot of despair. You have to admire the resources that there are on these circuits and that many people manage to draw from them.

I saw that Dustin Brown had put on Twitter that he lived in a caravan, I have colleagues who string rackets every day… Maybe he (Dominic Thiem) will have seen a player like that and he will think they're all the same, but I don't share that opinion."

The World No. 3 Thiem had said in an interview that he was not keen in providing money to lower ranked players and would rather have given his money to other causes.